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Man tries to run down police officers

OCEANSIDE — Two Oceanside police officers got some unexpected overtime Oct. 7.
As the two officers were walking to their vehicles in the parking lot outside the gated facility, they observed a white, four-door vehicle in front of the police station revving its engine.
The vehicle accelerated westbound through the parking lot and began to drive toward the two officers. As the vehicle gained speed, one officer immediately drew his service weapon, then swiftly moved behind a parked vehicle to avoid being struck by the vehicle.
The vehicle continued westbound and made a sharp left turn, driving through the closed vehicle security gate of the police station knocking the gate off the tracks. The vehicle and solo occupant continued to drive into the police lot where all the marked police vehicles are kept. The driver, identified as 31-year-old Bryan Pimm of Fallbrook, exited the vehicle and was confronted by the two off-duty officers and several officers from inside the police station.
As Pimm took up a fighting stance with fists clinched, he shouted “Kill me” at the officers several times while ranting that he was the “anti-Christ.” Choosing not to use excessive force or fire their weapons, one of the officers flanking Pimm was able to knock him to the ground. The officers then tackled Pimm and took him into custody without further incident.
Pimm is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and felony vandalism. He was transported and placed into the Sheriff’s Detention Facility in Vista with bail set at $100,000.