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Noserider Richie Cravey of Cardiff rides in on the first 24 inches of his board at the Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club contest. Photo by Promise Yee
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Longboarders put toes on the nose

OCEANSIDE — World-class longboarders, noseriders, tandem teams and women’s short board riders competed in events at the Oceanside Pier. 

Competitors in the four-day event series are considered the best of the best.

Last Friday, top noseriders competed in the Guy Takayama Pro Noseriding competition.

“It’s the best of the best,” Guy Takayama, event organizer, said. “They’re all world-class and well known on the world tour.”

Noseriders were judged solely on how many minutes they stayed on the front 24 inches of their longboards.

Boards were marked with red tape at the 24-inch point to let riders and judges know exactly where the front two feet lie.

“It’s strictly nose time in front of the line,” Takayama said. “It doesn’t matter how ugly or pretty they are getting there, it’s just time. At this level they surf so well it’s wave selection that will push them through.”

Noserider Noah Shimabukuro, of Oceanside, described August 10 conditions as a fun day of nice south swells.

Waves broke at 4 to 6 feet during the competition. This was a bit bigger than expected and benefited most competitors. Tandem riders are the only category of competitors at the event who favor smaller waves.