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Local places offer a good reason to eat out in town

I don’t know about you, but I love food. My fiancé says I talk about it constantly. Maybe it’s a mother thing, or maybe it’s my Midwestern roots that have me constantly thinking, “What’s next on the menu?” After living and working in Rancho Santa Fe, I have a few suggestions that just might entice you to leave the house for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is a reason to check out the fun cool places to eat in Rancho Santa Fe.
I have three favorite places. First try the Village Market. Their breakfast sandwich is hot and delicious. They also have a quick cup of coffee right at the check-out stand, just in case you don’t have time for Starbucks. Are you a light eater? Grab one of their protein shakes against the wall by the fruits and vegetables. Next, try Rancho Santa Fe Sandwich Shop. They have this amazing breakfast burrito loaded with potatoes, bacon, eggs and salsa on the side. This is for the heartier appetite. For my third breakfast choice, try Thyme in the Ranch. Just off to the side across from The Inn, they are the only place you don’t mind to wait in line before you sit down. Their pastries and cookies with a fresh cup of java are an early morning favorite for many. I happen to love their bacon and Swiss cheese quiche, served with two slices of tomato.
First is the Ranch Deli located in Fairbanks shopping mall. The guys in there are so nice, and they have the best chicken parmesan, if you are in the mood for something heavier in the middle of your day. My next suggestion is The Pantry. If you are looking for an outstanding soup and salad combination, then this spot is perfect for you. Their bulgar-wheat chicken and avocado salad with lime vinaigrette is tantalizingly delicious. My third choice, not that it ranks third by any means, is Inn Fusion restaurant at The Inn.  Tyler Williams in the manager and he is always there to make his guests feel welcome and appreciated. Children are free to run around on the grassy open area, too. My favorite dish there is their classic Caesar salad with chicken. An extra tip: add Dijon mustard on the side. The cheese plate also rates up there as one of the best in town. Want a light luncheon with your friends, but more on the upscale side? Inn Fusion is the place to be on any day of the week. I have one more to mention for lunch — Leucadia Pizza. If you are looking for spinach artichoke dip (which I always am), theirs is perfect for Sunday football in San Diego. It is served with pizza bread, fresh out of the oven. On another side note, you may already know this, but they are one of the only places that deliver pizza in Rancho Santa Fe.
For dinner there are the obvious choices and I am going to stick with those.  Mille Fleurs has a three-course special for only $40 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. My suggestion here would be to start off with bowl of parsley soup for an appetizer and then the hangar steak for dinner for the perfect evening. Just down the street on another corner is Delicias Restaurant. Angela Neri, their marketing director, informed me of a big night coming up, “Open that bottle of wine, night” on Oct. 29. There is no corkage fee and it sounds like fun. As a recommendation, try their calamari before dinner in the bar. My last suggestion, in case you want to stay in, buy some fresh ground turkey meat from the deli at the Village Market and make your own fabulous pasta. Cheers to good food, good friends and great choices in Rancho Santa Fe.
Around Town
On Oct. 2, one of the hottest days of the year, Ranch and Coast Magazine hosted a fabulous luncheon fashion show at Delicias Restaurant. A line formed outside, while the gorgeous women of the Ranch waited to be seated. Publisher Bob Stefanko was there to make sure the day ran smoothly. I also spotted Marybeth Brown from the Review, Andrea Naverson, Mia Stefanko and Jolene Perry, just to name a few. The show featured fashions from The Rare Earth/TRE, Madison Del Mar, Pure Bliss Boutique and my favorite, Mister B. Maggie Bobileff is the owner and one of my personal favorites I run into around town. In case you don’t know, Mister B specializes in European clothing for the American man. Ladies, Christmas is coming. Any man can be gorgeous wearing sexy sophisticated clothes. Check out the nearest location, 162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Road, at the West Village Shopping Mall.
On Oct. 3, I fought the traffic on I-5 and ventured downtown to attend Fashion Week. Talk about stepping into different scenery, The Kin Lounge at the Hyatt downtown. The thin runway stretched out across the pool, which gave the evening an extra added sense of suspense. In case you are wondering, none of the models fell into the pool. I tried my best that evening, too. I wore a pair of Gracie black slacks with a gorgeous black knitted top, designed by Janice Jaraicie/ Designer Nelli, with my hair pulled back in a tiny barrette. I snapped a lovely picture of Julien Hug next to Janice, he is one of her best friends who came to show his support. As the sun diminished into the horizon across the bay, managing editor of 944, Sarah Daoust, wearing Nelli, kicked off the event with a fabulous introduction. The guests crowded the pool area while the models lined the runway. Each designer seem incredibly appreciative to be involved in Fashion Week. Later that night, designer Jessica Johnson of Jeans For Justice posed with friend Krista Lafferty for a fun photo. After rumors of this event being canceled, I must say Allison Andrews (the creator behind the scenes) pulled out the stops for the guests and the designers for the first San Diego Fashion week ever. Congratulations! And, if you are looking for the Nelli line, you can find the brand at the Hotel Del Coronado, or more conveniently located at the Bridges Boutique or online at
On Oct. 5, Denise Hug celebrated her birthday by jumping out of an airplane! Talk about impressive. Trust me, this takes guts. Her son Julien Hug, host of Mille Fleurs, is an avid skydiver down at Skydive San Diego. He has jumped more than 300 times. I ran into both of them one evening in the Ranch. Denise recounted the feeling of anticipation she experienced as she sat on the plane waiting to jump. That part was nerve-wracking. However, once Denise stepped out of the plane and she was freefalling from the sky, she said it felt “incredible and exhilarating.” I must say, she is a woman after my own heart. Thanks for sharing the photos.
Later that evening, while the Ranch was sleeping, a car sped out of control on Via de la Ville around 2 a.m. If you were up, you might have heard a big crashing sound, and then the pole smashing into the ground. The car wiped out the stoplight intersection right at Whispering Palms. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. However, it did cause a few traffic bottlenecks due to the inconvenience of the stop sign delay. Hey, don’t be speeding down in the Ranch. These windy roads can be dangerous.
On Oct. 7, I ran into Dr. Keith Kanner. Did you know he is now one of the most eligible bachelors in town? Dr. Kanner is also a well-known doctor in Rancho Santa Fe. He has his own column, airtime on Channel 6, plus is now being featured once a month on “Extra,” which is a nationally syndicated program. His first show aired Oct. 3. Now that is something to celebrate. I snapped a quick picture of Dr. Kanner with Don McVay (he is taken!) at Mille Fleurs right after work on a Tuesday, one of my favorite days at Mille Fleurs.
On Oct. 10, Tyson Cano, one of the representatives over at Unique Automotive in Escondido, stopped by to see me at Thyme in the Ranch. Tyson has lived in the Del Mar area for the last four years. He is one of those bachelors, ladies, that are “around town” if you have a chance to nab him. He informed me of some ‘sweet deals’ taking place at Unique Automotive. Did you know if I had bought my car from him I could’ve financed a Jaguar (a beautiful used one) on his lot for the same price I did my Ford Escape? Darn. Wish I had met Tyson two years ago. Take advantage of his great offers. Tyson can consign, buy and pre-order any model, from Toyota to Rolls Royce. Call him at (858) 663-7446. Unique Auto is located at the Auto Park in Escondido.