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North County Natural Medicine takes a naturopathic approach to skin care, helping patients treat their skin issues from the inside out. Courtesy photo
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Local doctor uses naturopathic treatments for skin issues

ENCINITAS — Beauty is not only skin deep, in fact it goes much deeper. North County Natural Medicine takes a naturopathic approach to skin care, helping patients treat their skin issues from the inside out. “Our skin reflects our overall health,” Dr. Ari Calhoun said. “So many factors affect our skin. We work to address the root cause rather than treat the symptoms.”

Aging skin, acne scarring, fine lines and sun damage are all treatable using a naturopathic approach. North County Natural Medicine uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to treat patients’ skin issues combined with a comprehensive analysis of what caused those issues in the first place. It all falls in line with Calhoun’s belief in the power of the body’s ability to heal itself.

Calhoun knows firsthand how effective a naturopathic approach to skin care can be. “I became interested in aesthetics during my own struggles with acne,” she said. “I worked with a lead regenerative specialist and she took me under her wing. Not only did I receive treatment from her but I was able to train under her. I found such a tremendous improvement in my skin through PRP therapy.”

Dr. Ari Calhoun, ND

“From a naturopathic perspective, treating the skin goes far beyond surface level. The health of the skin is influenced by other factors within the body, including the gut microbiome, hormones, stress levels, liver function, and other environmental factors such as toxins, poor diet and sun damage,” Calhoun said. “Once we’ve determined the initiating factors of your skin issues, we will work with you on your skin care regimen, your diet, your hormone levels and any other necessary area. Along with addressing the root cause, we can use PRP therapy to help regenerate the skin from the surface level, correcting any fine lines, discoloration, and scarring that has occurred in the past.”

PRP therapy has been around for years but gained popularity recently when Kim Kardashian West posted a picture of her getting the treatment called the Vampire Facial. The treatment has two phases. First, a small amount of blood is drawn and the platelet-rich plasma is extracted. Second, the skin is cleaned and numbed and a microneedling device is used to create many tiny porous channels in the skin. The PRP is then applied to the skin where it is delivered into the dermal layer of the skin. “This activates your body’s own healing mechanisms to lay down new healthy collagen and elastin,” Calhoun said.

PRP therapy can benefit anyone ranging from a teenager with acne to a 65-year-old looking to reduce their fine lines and wrinkles. “PRP therapy can also help even out the complexion, target hyperpigmentation and shrink pores,” Calhoun said. “Beyond the treatment of skin imperfections, PRP facials can be used in a preventative capacity as well. PRP microneedling is an effective way to prevent against natural collagen loss with age, while PRP filler can be used as a safe and natural alternative to synthetic fillers and Botox or in conjunction with these treatments to allow patients to go longer between sessions.”

Results take place quickly, beginning within the first week and continuing to build over three months as your body lays down new tissue. “My recommended treatment is three facials spaced four to six weeks apart,” Calhoun said. “And if you’re looking taking a proactive approach, I would say at least one facial annually.”

Another benefit to PRP therapy is that there is minimal downtime. “Patients leave looking as if they have a slight sunburn and experience minor peeling after two to three days,” Calhoun said. “Most people find they can resume their normal skincare routine after about three days.”

Calhoun is passionate about helping her patients restore their confidence. “I know how important it is to feel good about yourself and I work to guide you to a state of optimal health in an all-natural way so that your appearance reflects how good you feel,” she said.

North County Natural Medicine is located at 815 N. Vulcan Ave. in Encinitas. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, visit or call (760) 385-8683.

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