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Local cities rank among state’s lowest car insurance premiums

REGION — Three cities in San Diego County rank among the top 10 lowest average car insurance premiums in the state, according to data released today by the personal finance website WalletHub.

WalletHub found that Oceanside has the lowest average insurance premiums in the state at $1,693.44, the only city below $1,700. Chula Vista sat fourth in the state at $1,754.06 and San Diego seventh at $1,788.33, according to the website.

Premiums in Oceanside, population 176,193 in 2017 according to the U.S. Census Bureau, are 12% below average of a city of similar size, according to WalletHub.

Chula Vista, population 270,471 in 2017, sat 9% below average for its size and San Diego, population 1.42 million in 2017, sat 7% below average.

“The first thing you should do is shop around locally for a policy,” said Jill Gonzalez, an insurance industry analyst with WalletHub, on how motorists can save money on car insurance. “Aside from the national big names in the industry, plenty of regional car insurance companies cater to customers in California.”

The premiums were intended to reflect those of an experienced female driver in the 90501 zip code in Torrance with no accidents in the last five years.

Average insurance premiums were highest for drivers under 26 at $4,869.69 and lowered as drivers aged, bottoming out at $1,921.54 for motorists at age 66.

Average premiums were also roughly 5 percent higher for men than women, according to WalletHub data from more than 30 zip codes around the state.

Other factors that affected insurance premiums across the state included a person’s job, their mileage, average daily commute and whether they use their vehicle for a ride-booking service like Uber or Lyft.

“California drivers should try to take advantage of discounts,” Gonzalez said. “You could be able to get discounts if you’re a veteran, have a good driving record, bundle policies or have an anti-theft system, just to name a few.”

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