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Local Art-Show-To-Go hits the road

CARLSBAD — Local artists Matty Davis and Steve Peek filled local surf shop Surf Ride’s over-sized van with art, parked it in the driveway of a Cherry
Street residence and invited neighbors and friends to their second, semi-mobile,
group art show titled “Driveway to the Danger Zone” Jan. 15.
The driveway, which happened to also be Davis’ residence, filled fast with local faces. Guests overflowed into the back yard and driveway where the van, equipped with lights, walk-up stairs and a lounge was parked.
“Steve always wanted to do pirate art shows,” Davis said. “Peek also constructed most of the layout for the inner experience of the van. He approached Surf Ride with the idea and they were excited to help out.”
Davis has been organizing local art shows in Carlsbad for years including one in December at Bakerloo Salon and Gallery on State Street and another at The Foundry located at New Village Arts Theatre. He has also rotated art on the walls at Vinaka Cafe.
The artwork that hung in the van and in the Cherry Street house was submitted by a total of 10 artists.
“I like the one in the kitchen because of its bright colors,” said Carlsbad resident Lauren Tannehill. “I live just down the street and couldn’t wait for this show.”
“The interest in artists wanting to be part of the show was very high,” Davis said. “I had to turn away some, but this is only the second of many more mobile art shows to come.”
Other art pieces included photography, collage mixed media, illustrations burned into wood and music by The Duchess. Along with Surf Ride, the event was sponsored by Pop Chips, Bull Taco and Svedka Vodka.
To learn more about the mobile art Van and to submit art for future shows, contact Davis on Facebook.