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Baby Boomer Peace

Living life’s golden rule

It was a great seven weeks. I flew home on Jan.18 and came home to some glorious weather. I left on Nov. 30 and the day before was beautiful and warm but a bit chilly the morning of departure.I had many people write to me over the course of my stay in Puerto Vallarta telling me how cold it was here so when I arrived to sunny warm weather I felt like, well, back to San Diego. I feel bad for all of you who were freezing your toes off during your cold snap, but again, in PV I met many people from the upper Northern States and Canada that would try to describe what cold really is. No thanks, I’ll stick with two of the greatest places on Earth — Encinitas and Puerto Vallarta.

I’m on the mend after having double knee surgery down there. Unfortunately, an aging body doesn’t heal like it used to so I’m basically on ice for the next four to eight weeks. My surgeon said no more than 10 minutes of continuous exercise a day during this down time.

Usually that is a great ingredient for being just about as lazy as I can be, so in essence, that’s what I’ll be but what better place than to watch the waves and God’s beautiful blue sea at my awaking eyes each day. You have to love it.

I want to thank all those people who took the time to write to me while I was gone. To me, that’s pretty special because each of my readers who took the time to write did just that, they took time out of their own lives to pass along kind words of support and there is a lesson there. Kind words are good for the soul. It would be nice if we all learned a little lesson of being kind to someone you don’t know. Sometimes it is just a smile and a “good morning.”

In Puerto Vallarta, everyone seems so nice. It is natural to look someone in the eye in the morning and say “Hola,” “Buenos dias,” “Que tal?” or “Como estas?”

I went to my church this morning, The Anchor, with Rick Myatt the pastor. Talk about a quaint place to go for service. It is on the campus of Santa Fe Christian in Solana Beach. It is one of those little chapels that looks like something you would see on “Little House on the Prairie” and Rick is a crackup.

He might not like this, but he reminds me of Don Knotts. He has a very special way of getting his message across. This morning he spoke of a Jesus parable of how silly it is to take a patch from a new wine skin to repair an old wine skin and how doing so ruins both skins.

The moral is we have all these old habits which are hard to break but trying to apply a new habit to the old habits only makes both useless. It’s either stick with the old or go with the new.

We’re in a new time and a new age. My daughter, who is a spiritual intuitive, said that in November of 2011 our earth quietly began moving into a new dimension. No loud booms or voices ringing down from above. But, we are moving into a time when evil will slowly dissipate and be removed from the earth.

As she said, 100 years from now our ancestors will look back on us as if we were savages. But with the new year maybe we can all take that time and learn to bring some peace not only to ourselves but to another as well. Maybe it’s time to just be grateful for what we have and don’t worry what anyone else has. And maybe we should all put on the new skin and take a tip from those peaceful loving people to our South and learn to look a stranger in the eye and with a smile say “Buenos dias!”

We’re all God’s children and we should treat others just the way we would want to be treated ourselves and to go in peace.