The Coast News Group

Letters to the Editor Week of November 25, 2011

A “road to nowhere”
The City of Carlsbad prides itself on being fiscally responsible, yet they seem to be taking lessons from Alaska and the famous “Road to Nowhere.”  Buried within a $40 million project to upgrade the Agua Hedionda sewer lift station is a new, elevated second road to the station that goes right across the lagoon.   There is only one trip a day to the site, so one road would seem to be adequate.   Maybe if they spent less money on things like expensive, redundant roads, they might have a little left to spend on the open space and trails our residents have been asking for, for years. 
Paige DeCino
Not a time for fear
We seem to be in the pits, having to deal with so-many issues at the same time. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s quote can be used today: “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”
We must reignite our philosophy for what we stand for. We have always been the pathfinders to the world. We can’t allow our fears to immobilize us.
Part of the solution is to kick the bums out of office and bring in new people who would be passionate in doing what needs to be done. Change the laws so patriotic Americans can run for office, and NOT have to rely on heavy-duty contributors.
So how about rolling up our sleeves and do what we do best: “Solve our problems and forge-ahead.” God give us strength.
William Hart