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Letters to the Editor: Sept. 7, 2012

Save Pacific View

 Saving Pacific View, donated land, part of our heritage, is important; this cause has been a passionate one for many in our community, for years.

My daughters and our cousin’s son both played ball on Pacific View fields. We strongly feel that current up zoning plans would effectively privatize the property for a developer’s profit, at the public’s expense.

Time is of the essence to notify the public of the upcoming meeting, scheduled for Sept. 12, when Encinitas Union School District, through relative newcomer, Timothy Baird, superintendent since 2009, will again attempt to coerce City Council by leveraging a bogus, threatening, lawsuit against Encinitas, to up zone Pacific View to mixed-use residential.

Everyone was pleased with an arts center alternative to residential development, initially proposed by Baird, instead keeping the zoning as public/semi-public, which is compatible with surrounding zoning, despite manipulative litigation threats. Now deceased Mayor Maggie Houlihan and council candidate and beloved columnist, Bob Nanninga both supported retaining the current zoning of Pacific View. Nanninga was also a strong advocate that EUSD should honor the Naylor Act, enacted to preserve open space on surplus school sites. Time should toll from when EUSD originally leased Pacific View to Encinitas, which paved the fields for a public works yard.

We’ve all supported a smaller-scaled community arts center, not a monolithic mixed-use development where struggling artists couldn’t afford to live. Under former EUSD Superintendents Devoir and King, the public was invited to workshops, before development plans were submitted. Through closed-sessions and backroom deals, the community’s effectively being bamboozled by Baird, DeWald and Art Pulse. Short-term profit is being put before the greatest common good, preserving our heritage, retaining our irreplaceable, donated, asset. By now, the City should have notified the neighbors! Please come to the Sept.12 meeting to support Council’s refusing to rezone!

Lynn Marr,



The Emperor Has No Clothes

Why did Tri-City Hospital build a huge medical office building (“MOB”) on its campus?

Palomar Medical Center — North County’s beacon of quality care-couldn’t arouse enough interest in a down economy to get its MOB off the ground.

During this recession, MOB vacancy rates have skyrocketed. Renting or buying MOB space is dirt-cheap. Tri-City is surrounded by MOBs.

Building an MOB makes no economic sense.

Tri-City’s new MOB serves one purpose: It blocks the view of the technologically obsolete hospital from the highway.

Send the hospital board majority this message: “The Emperor has no clothes!” Come alongside thousands of your fellow residents voting to replace Tri-City Healthcare District’s incumbents in the upcoming election.


Randy Horton,

Board Member,

Tri-City Healthcare District