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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 19, 2012

Shame! Shame! Shame!

 On you to the 20 plus restaunters who opposed the popular Food Truck event and cried foul to the Downtown Encinitas Merchant Association.

I can’t determine who is worse, you crying ninnies or the Association for catering to you and came up with the stupid minor-use permit excuse and saying, “Be good and do as we say, cease this activity or be fined.”

You must have frantically spent many-a-midnight oil hours searching for whatever lame excuse you could come up with to accomplish your dastardly deed.

I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Being jealous, selfish and greedy never produces a prosperous business!

However, I am not without hope! Somewhere the food trucks will continue to bring us foodies good food and happy times despite your selfish objection. Truck on — north of the Black Sheep sounds great. We will follow whatever street you park on.

Diane Burton,



Prop. AA: San Dieguito Union bond proposal

As the founding member of the 858 Tea party and parent of a Torrey Pines High School student, the San Dieguito Union High School District’s planned $449 Million Bond offering on the November 2012 ballot is exactly what we stand against: increased taxes, wasteful use of tax-payer dollars and a disconnect with/disrespect for the very people the Board is sworn to represent and act in the best interest of:

• Pork. The bond is filled with unnecessary pork projects. Example: $33.9 million for Canyon Crest

Academy — a brand new school!

• Shell Game: The bond moves monies from solar projects (with low-interest loans) and the Torrey Pines Football filed improvement into the bond, to be paid-for over the next three generations.

• No Future Monies: If the bond is passed, it will hamstring schools with obsolete equipment while crippling the district from seeking fresh monetary streams down the road

• Open Ended Earmarks & Junk: Tens of millions of dollars with open-ended earmarks that can be spent at will and with no justification

• Methodology: The bond consulting company that performed the survey (Dolinka) biased the polling results (favorable to the bond) by asking leading questions and asking non-homeowners if they would approve a bond. It is homeowners who will PAY for the bond — not non-homeowners.

• Tax Rates: Property tax rates will go up significantly to pay for the bond. On a typical North County Coastal home of $1 million dollars, the tax bill would increase some $250 per year. That’s on top of any other new taxes assessed against homeowners.

This board has shown it cannot even balance its own checkbook. In fiscal 2011-12, the board ran a deficit of $3.5 million. For fiscal ‘12-’13, it’s projected that the district will be millions more in the red.

Enough! Image how this board will squander $449 million!

I strongly urge a negative stance and a “no” vote on this bond. I suggest to the board to find another way than a general obligation bond to improve and upgrade schools.


Graham C. Ledger