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Letters to the Editor: July 20, 2012

In the July 6 Coast News, Bianca Kaplaneck shares, “Improvements begin on the 101.” 

Good news for Solana Beach residents, commuters and tourists! “Project goals include maintaining the existing building scale, slowing traffic and creating more pedestrian-friendly corridor.” How wonderful if Leucadia could also begin groundbreaking for our streetscape project.

The article also states: “At one time the project called for roundabouts and reverse-angle parking but those options were omitted following public and cost concerns.”

Unfortunately, in Encinitas, Council has turned a deaf ear to public concerns expressed by nearly a two thirds majority of residents who filled out surveys taken at City Hall, who do NOT favor five roundabouts in approximately two miles, and who do NOT favor a “lane diet,” so that a northbound lane will be eliminated on Historic Highway North 101, beginning at North Court.

At the very first workshop, at the Community Center, the most “dots” were placed under the heading, “Keep Leucadia Funky.” Next most were placed under “Save the Canopy.”

When Leucadia Blvd. roundabouts were approved we were “sold” on the concept that more sidewalks would be added with the second phase of development, which would include a roundabout at Hygeia, an intersection currently controlled by a (safer) crosswalk and stopsign. This second phase never happened.

In fact, it’s ludicrous to have roundabouts so close to a stopsign, yet that’s exactly what’s planned on North 101, with the first roundabout to be built at El Portal, which is near the stopsign at Marchetta.

Over a thousand people signed petitions presented to the City through owners of Leucadia Glass and Sub Palace, OPPOSING five roundabouts and lane reduction. Residents and commuters don’t want gridlock, cut-through traffic, and slowed emergency response times.

We do want walkability and beautification, as in Solana Beach!

Lynn Marr,