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Letters to the Editor

Darrell Issa, are you afraid to meet your constituents?

I am 63 years old and a resident of Encinitas. This is the first time in my life that I have found it necessary to write a letter to the editor.

On Feb. 10, I called the office of Congressman Darrell Issa to ask if there would be a public meeting or town hall gathering while the House is in recess, Feb. 20 through Feb. 24.

The lady who answered the phone at Mr. Issa’s Vista office stated, “we have 700,000 constituents in our district and the meetings will be with businesses because the priorities have been set in Washington.” Her tone with me was rude and very condescending.

I thought that members of Congress are responsible to the citizens of their district, not to the priorities set in Washington.  Darrell Issa, whom do you represent?

I am a cancer survivor, who only has insurance due to the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). I think we must all demand that Darrel Issa meet the citizens of his district in a town hall setting to guarantee to all of us that insurance coverage will still be available after he so publicly voted to terminate Obama Care.

Darrell Issa, if you won’t meet with your constituents, you are not worthy of being our congressman.

William Harwood,



RE:  ‘Cannabis experts discuss steps after Prop. 64’s passage,’ (Feb. 10) 

Of course these so-called cannabis “experts” want “to remove the stigma” associated with cannabis use because they hope to line their pockets through widespread cultivation and sale of this psychotropic narcotic. Contrary to this panel’s ludicrous call for “cannabis acceptance,” however, an increasingly informed electorate is rigorously seeking tighter restrictions close to home.

Prop 64 voters, including Encinitas residents, may have been moved to a yes vote by social justice issues (“users shouldn’t be punished”) or promises of tax revenues. But they now realize that unprecedented marijuana abuse, rising addiction, soaring youth rates, ER admissions and DUI fatalities aren’t “misconceptions.”

It’s clearly evident that “tax revenues” not only haven’t materialized in legalized locales, but encourage black market sales and crime.

Cannabis-based drugs developed through pharmaceutical protocols undoubtedly will occur in time. Meanwhile, concerned citizens don’t want greedy profiteers encouraging recreational marijuana cultivation and sales in our neighborhoods.

Prop F failed in 2014 and would fail again.

Peggy Walker

Citizens for Safe Neighborhoods


USDA website

As of Feb. 3, the government has removed all public access to animal welfare reports from the USDA website.

This secrecy perpetuates abuse of animals living in zoos, laboratories and puppy mills.

Eight cities in San Diego County have justified passing ordinances banning stores from selling animals from puppy mills, based on information easily obtain from the USDA website.

Consumers no longer have access to information about the true source of a pet store’s over-priced, genetically-defective “product.”

Factory-farmed puppies fall under jurisdiction of USDA. While living in puppy mills, companion animals are considered livestock. A cage the length of his/her body, plus six-inches is an appropriate amount of living space.

Protect the Harvest (PTH) is the group that is pushing for this. PTH formed a couple years ago in response to Missouri’s Proposition B, the 2010 “Puppy Mill Initiative” that passed. Unfortunately, it was overturned.

Glen Klippenstein, chair of PTH, is the person (President Donald) Trump appointed to oversee the transition of the USDA. PTH also actively targets legislators and consumers, claiming to educate them on the agricultural food production process. Klippenstein and Sonny Perdue work closely to protect big Ag and have a vested interest in making sure the HS does not succeed in exposing the horrific cruelty of animals living in factory farms.

Call your Representative or Senators. Demand public access to animals protected under the AWA. We pay for this service and ought to have the right to access it.

Leslie Davies,