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Time to replace Encinitas’ representative on SANDAG Board?

The city’s representative to the SANDAG Board, Deputy Mayor Lisa Shaffer, makes no secret that the City Council vote on March 30 to abandon the Rail Trail San Elijo Avenue alignment in favor of Coast Highway 101 was a mistake.

While fellow council members Catherine Blakespear and Tony Kranz were persuaded by the numerous changes in the plan and by extensive organized community opposition to reconsider their positions.

Shaffer was the sole vote against the community’s request to preserve the Cardiff rail corridor.  Shaffer’s opposition is clear and continuing, but as representative to SANDAG, she must persuade the SANDAG Board and staff that the March 30 change of direction was needed and must work to resolve related funding issues with the Board.  But how persuasive is one’s argument when you have made it clear you really don’t believe it’s the right course?

As the City Public Works Director Glenn Pruim points out, SANDAG is concerned about the city’s decision making on the project and the risk of another council change of mind.

How confident can SANDAG feel based on the assurances from the losing vote on a 4-to-1 decision?

Undoubtedly Shaffer will argue for the city’s revised position to the best of her ability, but it is, of course, contrary to her stated belief. Is this the best advocacy for the city and is it reasonable to expect our representative to compromise her judgment?

Perhaps it is time to put the city’s interest first and for Shaffer to step down as SANDAG representative.

Ralph Thielicke,



What’s wrong with scenic Coast Highway?

1. No parking for businesses on east side of 101

2. No crosswalks for pedestrians from east side 101 to west side of 101

3. No landscaping or drainage on east side of 101  — just weeds and dirt

4. No seating for bus stop patrons or a safe place for them to stand

Some ideas on how to correct it:

1. Put asphalt parking spaces on east side of 101

2. Landscape east side of 101 with drought resistant plants

3. Establish crosswalks from east side of 101 to west side of 101

4. Create a lighted walk way between the railroad tracks and 101

5. Have seating for bus stops and a safe place to stand

6. Build a bridge walkway from Vulcan Avenue to 101

7. Create a drainage system so there is no flooding.

Please stand up and speak and write to your city council of Encinitas and insist that the city help this area that is supposedly a scenic highway and make it one with improvements.

The merchants will increase their income and the city of Encinitas will receive more tax monies and everyone will win! Also, the tourists will realize the 101 is truly a scenic highway.

Eve Vanderlip-Union,