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Letters to the Editor

An unsung hero

It is axiomatic that there are unsung heroes in every endeavor, and I have a long-overdue one right here in Del Mar to sing about.

About a man whose multi-faceted but unpublicized work on behalf of the Del Mar racetrack began 35 years ago, the last eight of which have been as director of media.

I could write a long and detailed account of his above-and-beyonds that I personally know about, but suffice to say that they go far beyond his job description. If it’s in the best interest of the track, it’s done.

He avoids recognition and publicity for himself like a cat avoids a bath, and I know he’ll strongly object to what I’m doing here.

But the time has come to let this cat out of the bag.

His name is Mac McBride.

As a 60-year devotee of and contributor to the Del Mar racetrack and the entire racing industry, I’m taking this opportunity to give him the 21-gun salute he deserves.

Jim Donovan,

Del Mar