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Letters to the Editor

An Open Letter to Planning Director Jeff Murphy

Dear Director Murphy,

I am writing regarding CASE #13-227 MIN/CDP, Coast Animal Hospital in Leucadia, which will be unstaffed during evening hours.

I am really concerned about sick and recovering dogs and cats left on their own without someone caring for them at night.  If left unattended, dogs will start to howl and bark, and may cause other animals to join in or to become traumatized.

I personally can’t stand the thought of this.  People who live in the proximity will have to listen to this every night if this plan moves forward.

I can’t imagine anything worse for those of us who love animals.  If I lived close by, I would have to consider moving.

Just knowing that our pets will be left unattended for a better financial return is unacceptable to me.

Pet owners deserve assurances that their best friends are being attended for all the time they are in the hospital.

Also, I am concerned that this added stress and lack of attention could impact the medical outcomes of our pets if they are left unsupervised.

The love and appreciation of pets and the humane treatment of all animals is an important, core value of most Encinitas residents.

As I have said about our General Plan and the Housing Element update, planning policies need to reflect the values of the people who live in our city.  Please listen to residents.  Encinitas formed 28 years ago because residents wanted to decide the type of place we want our city to be.

The sensitive treatment and protection of animals is part of our shared identity.

I ask that Planning Department decisions support common beliefs of Encinitas residents so that we can remain the conscious place that we wish to preserve.



Julie Graboi ,



School board vote

Voting for local school board trustees is one of the most important tasks that we citizens have in our control.

As our elected leaders in Congress appear to be divided over issues, we are privileged to choose the best leaders for our children’s future. In this regard, I am writing to suggest voting for Simeon Greenstein as a board member for the San Dieguito Union High School District Governing Board.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am currently working on Mr. Greenstein’s campaign.

I have known him for over 40 years, and I have full confidence in his ability to be an excellent advocate for students, parents, and taxpayers.

His experience, starting as a campus supervisor at Oak Crest Junior High School and then including teaching, opening La Costa Canyon High School, being the principal of Torrey Pines High School as well as a foray into the educational, private business gives him the insight and vision needed to guide our district through the next four years.

For over 26 years, I was a governing board member for a local community college.

This experience leads me to endorse Mr. Greenstein.

He is not running for the trustee position with a personal agenda although he knows the schools from a personal basis; not only has he been a teacher, but also his three children successfully matriculated in the district.

His integrity has been tested and the public can trust that he wants nothing but the best for all involved in local education.

Mr. Greenstein is rather self-effacing, but his students speak loudly about him and it is in glowing terms for the influence his teaching made in their lives.

One can read for herself what they have to say by looking at his website:

A vote for Simeon Greenstein is a step into ensuring that students in the San Dieguito District schools will continue to receive an excellent education.


Jean Moreno,