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Letters to the Editor

New spirit in local government

Since the election of Tony Kranz and Lisa Shaffer to the Encinitas City Council, there has been a new spirit of transparency and citizen involvement in our local government.

I have been very impressed with the efforts to be more accountable to voters and to collaboratively create the vision for the future.

I will be voting for Tony Kranz for mayor. He “plays well with others” and listens to all sides of an issue.

Kristin Gaspar, opposed the online eTownHall which increases our access to facts and debate on local issues.

Kristin is also running on the fact that she opposed tax increases for the city.

This is an odd campaign centerpiece as no new taxes were ever proposed. Meanwhile Tony served on the NCTD Board, saved the Pacific View school site for the city, addressed finances at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Authority, proposed subcommittee to protect city trees and support urban agriculture, increased funding for road maintenance, provided funding for the new marine safety center at Moonlight Beach, and so on.

I hope our city can continue down this road of progress in more collaborative city government with greater sensitivity to the environment and health of all her citizens.

I would encourage others to compare the records of these candidates to see if you don’t agree that Tony has done the most for our city and is the best choice.

Christie Turner, Encinitas