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Letters to the Editor

Re: Spa owner

After reading your recent article (“Spa owner points to unprofessional practices,” June 23, 2014), highlighting a massage owner’s frustration with the increase of illicit massage businesses in Oceanside, readers were left misled and misinformed.  California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) does not regulate the massage industry in California, neither does it have the authority to arrest, inspect, license, nor regulate massage establishments.

CAMTC’s mission is simple: protect the public by certifying qualified massage professionals.

Contrary to what was published, CAMTC fully supports a city’s ability to crackdown on those who seek to front massage business for prostitution.  CAMTC oversees a voluntary certification process, assuring consumers that responsible therapeutic massage therapists meet minimum uniformed standards, along with passing an FBI background check.

Although otherwise suggested by your article, the CAMTC did in fact communicate with Massage World co-owner, Alicia Wright, prior to her June appearance before the Oceanside City Council.

It was during this email exchange CAMTC suggested Ms. Wright take her concerns to the city council, she did.

Faced with the sunsetting of SB 731, your article never addressed the introduction by legislators of the Massage Therapy Act of 2014, that clarifies any ambiguity of a city’s authority to curb illicit massage businesses by returning local control and use, fully supported by CAMTC.

Which brings us back to Ms. Wright, whose story is headed for a happy ending.  After taking the CAMTC’s advice, her concerns are now being addressed by those responsible for doing so.

From any perspective, that is an outcome worth celebrating.

Ahmos Netanel

Executive Director CAMTC