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Letters to the editor


The sad and untimely passing of former Del Mar Mayor, Lou Terrell, will have a personal impact on many of us. His great contributions will have a further impact on his students, the city of Del Mar and the many citizens who owe him so much for his dedication to so many causes dear to all of us.

We extend to his family our sincere condolences.

Dr. Maneck S. Wadia,

Del Mar

Response to “A Different Approach?” letter from Jan. 10:

Yes, war is expensive, but so is the bill for social services for folks here illegally, food stamp programs, free school lunch programs for children who don’t speak English, 30 percent of all federal inmates are illegal aliens, $45 billion is sent out of the country annually, and one in six sex crimes is committed by those here, again, illegally. Close to $400 billion! At least my research is documented!

Our leaders refuse to address this. Maybe if other governments would provide for their people they would choose to stay home. And then there are all the U.S. citizens on welfare because they can’t or won’t find work. No more excuses.

Celia Kiewit,


A quick recap

The City Council asked the community to help with renovation costs of the Fletcher Cove Community Center in need of major repairs and improvements. Donations from the SB residents and friends paid for over half of the funds needed plus many hours of free materials and labor.

The City Council, during two years of discussion, allowed no use by the residents for celebratory events and decided to change the permit rules for the Community Center. The new fee structure initially suggested a fee of $300 — $350 per hour, no wine or beer, limited hours and days of use, etc.

The SB community then decided on an initiative for more reasonable permit rules and sufficient signatures were gathered in less than a month. The Council could either adopt the initiative or go to a public vote.

More discussion and finally a $50.00 hourly fee, limited beer and wine to two glasses with paid supervisor, restrictions on music — no horns, no amplification, no drinking on the patio, only two events per month, paid host, license fees, occupancy to 50 people including staff, etc. — all this for residents to use a tax supported facility.

The Council decided to reject the initiative and hold a special election costing about $200,000.

In the last four months there has only been one celebratory event at the Community Center. More reasonable rules for the Community Center, as stated in the initiative, are needed so it can be used and enjoyed as has been used for the last 70 years.

Help us put the community back in the Fletcher Cove Community Center.

Marion B. Dodson

Former Council Member and Mayor of Solana Beach

Scouts unable to use center

Recently some parents were interested in renting the Fletcher Cove Community Center (FCCC) for an Eagle Scout Court of Honor, a reception honoring three new Eagle Scouts from Solana Beach and three from neighboring communities. The Fire Marshal’s posted capacity is 100 guests for events not using tables, however, in August the Solana Beach City Council cut the capacity to 50 for all events. Council’s rationale for the cut was parking problems, but on Friday nights, 57 spaces become available at 5:00 PM in the City owned Mellmo lot. Nevertheless the limitation is set at a maximum of 50 guests.

As the parents projected a number close to 100, they realized they could not use the FCCC and were forced to rent a room in another facility. Am I missing something? If a Community Center is not to be used for such a community event, what is it for? I understand Prop B will overturn this and many other unreasonable restrictions. Thus I urge a Yes vote on Prop B.

Roger Boyd,

Solana Beach

Vehicle code

Re Lynn Marr’s letter about “lane diet” in which she states that “bicyclists must ride single file” I’d like to know where she finds that in the California Vehicle Code. I haven’t seen it there.

Gerry Rahill