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Pot shops NOT wanted in Encinitas 

In “Council discusses election reforms,” (Oct. 4) the article mentioned the pot shop ballot measure that will be before voters in November 2013. None of the 18 cities in our county allow pot shops to operate; the ones you see open are operating illegally without permits and are being closed down by law enforcement.

Imagine if Encinitas became the “safe haven” for pot shops in the county should the ballot measure pass in November next year. Our city has fought hard to create a safe and healthy environment for families and businesses. We don’t need to become the county’s pot mecca. We don’t need an onslaught of pot shops in our retail centers providing easy access to pot for our young people, and attracting people into Encinitas for pot. I remember when a few of these pot shops operated in Encinitas years ago (before the city shut them down for operating without permits), it was laughable to see their clientele, all young and perfectly healthy. It’s all about the profits these shops make, which is why and how the pot shop owners paid out of town signature gatherers to get this measure on the ballot.

There is a reason 90 percent of the cities in California prohibit pot shops, they are illegal, magnets for crime, and heavily abused by unethical business owners who make large profits on the backs of healthy young people.

Mike Jacobsen,



Trickery in play

Residents of Solana Beach received a postcard and email this past week from the so-called “Friends of Fletcher Cove Community Center” organization. The postcard urges residents to tell the City Council not to spend $200,000 on a special election regarding the use of the Fletcher Cove Community Center. The truth of the matter is that this small group refused to accept the reasonable policy that City Council established in August and insisted on letting the “voters decide.” This group collected petition signatures (using paid representatives) and turned in their signatures to the Registrar of Voters deliberately triggering a special election. Now they are trying to fool residents into thinking they had nothing to do with it. Their actions are forcing the City Council into a tough position… either reverse the Councils position and accept their liberal party policy initiative for the Fletcher Cove Community Center or let the voters decide at a special election. If the City Council chooses to adopt their party policy initiative and problems arise, the Council has no authority to revise the policy. The postcard mailer was very misleading. However, Solana Beach voters are a sophisticated group and will see through this trickery. The “Friends of Fletcher Cove Community Center” has only themselves to blame for a costly $200,000 special election.

Richard Jacobs,

Solana Beach


Pesky crows

Birdman Tom Stephan drives a Falcon. I love it! I read his letter, and agree, owl boxes are good, and crows are bad. While not as well known as Tom, I have a non-lethal, guaranteed system for getting crows to leave your neighborhood.

I charge $100 for two visits, which barely covers my gas and time (refundable if crows don’t leave), and I use an audiotape, which broadcasts loud, shrieking sounds of a crow in distress at your location. When crows hear this, at first they call other crows to come and help, (so 20 pesky crows turns into 100 crows in five minutes…awesome to watch, they come from all over…Alfred Hitchcock all over again).

Then this large flock of angry, mean, Edgar Allen Poe-type birds dive at my car to drive me away…and I don’t go. Then they leave, taking the original 20 pesky crows with them. Occasionally one or two of the 20 original crows try to stay, and my second visit a few days later convinces them to go elsewhere and they usually go at least 10 miles away to bother someone else.

It also helps to trim very tall trees (60-70 feet tall tree is where crows like to sit) to down to 20-30 feet. Owls love 20 feet tall places.

Send me an email at: [email protected] to learn more.

Jerry Sarnataro,