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Seawater: To drink or not to drink 

A local community issue has recently alerted me: freshwater scarcity.

As the human population grows, the amount of freshwater available shrinks. There are many different approaches we can use to take on this problem, one of which is desalination — the process of removing salt and other contaminants from ocean water.

San Diego first started researching desalination when a drought in the early 1990’s led to the conclusion that a reliable water supply is necessary. Finally, on Nov. 29 of 2012, the San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors voted to build a desalination plant near the Carlsbad coastline, contracted by the Poseidon Resources Corp. The Poseidon Resources Corp. expects to start construction on the plant early 2013. On their webpage they write: “With deal in place, construction on the plant expected to start early next year.” Many other newspapers, such as The Union Tribune, confirm that this desalination plant will use the reverse osmosis technique — which involves water being pushed by pressure through a semi-permeable membrane, separating the salt and contaminants from the water. This plant is also proposed to produce 50 million gallons of clean water each day, enough to supply 450,000 county residents — exactly what our community needs.

This project is bound to be a huge success. Desalination has helped countries such as Australia and Saudi Arabia who lack freshwater. The ocean is basically limitless, making desalination a reliable drought-proof source of water. The scarcity and demand of freshwater is increasing, and desalination may just be the perfect solution.

Allison Wood,



Preserve Calavera, please!

Please reconsider saving the panhandle of Quarry Creek and reduce the number of units below 656. Keep development on the already degraded part of the site and preserve the historic sense of place and the regional wildlife movement corridor.

Leave open spaces for wildlife, hiking and other recreation NOT for homes! Our freeways and side streets are too crowded now and can not support the traffic more homes would bring.

The intersection at Emerald Drive is horrendous now! As well as the intersection at College and others along state Route 78! My Mother lives in the area and I worry everyday about her moving through those intersections and pray she stays safe and no distracted driver hits her while trying to run a yellow light.

You have to agree! Please place quality of life above the quantity of homes!

Sandy Zelasko,

Valley Center


Not smart growth

For years McMillin, the developer of the proposed Quarry Creek Project in Carlsbad, has been touting this as “Smart Growth.” But it turns out they are the only ones who think so. Few people would think that putting 656 homes in an area zoned for 293 is very smart. It also is not very smart for this Carlsbad project to dump 100 percent of their traffic on Oceanside roads — causing traffic failures on College, Vista Way and Lake Blvd. And how smart is it to have cash strapped Oceanside provide 100 percent of the police, fire, and emergency medical services to this Carlsbad neighborhood? SANDAG, the Regional Planning Agency, has now officially weighed in. They said Quarry Creek fails to meet the land use or transit criteria required for a smart growth project. Hmm, if Quarry Creek is not smart growth — what should we call it? Hopefully the Mayor and City Council of Carlsbad are smarter than this developer and will approve a project that really is smart — a down sized project that preserves the irreplaceable natural and historic resources of this valley.

Diane Nygaard

Preserve Calavera, Oceanside


Armed teachers

Hooray for the John Birch Society and the National Rifle Association (NRA) for demanding that our school teachers be armed to protect our children by using their U.S. Constitutional gun rights and armed guards.

If the teachers had been routinely armed in the past decades, it’s obvious that the killings and the casualties would have been reduced by at least 90 percent. However, our leaders and the police wouldn’t allow our teachers to be armed and by doing so they have directly violated our Constitution that they have sworn to uphold and facilitated the horrible death and destruction. They should be investigated and prosecuted for such acts against our children. We should support the John Birch Society and the NRA in their efforts to arm our teachers and protect our children, and if the teachers bring their own guns, it will cost nothing.


Ed Nemecheck,