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Letters to the Editor

Sharrows statements

 Regarding Capt. Robert Haley’s statements about sharrows, I believe he misquotes, and possibly misunderstands, the laws regarding cyclists riding single file and riding “as far to the right as possible.” He mentions the former three times and the latter twice.

I can’t find either in my reading of the law. If there are laws that specifically mention those two situations I’d like to know what they are, as I am a cyclist who wants to know and obey the laws that apply to us. Either way, I support Capt. Haley and the Sherriff’s Department in enforcing the law. I respectfully request that they do so only for laws that actually exist.

Gerry Rahill,



Re: More crows

These backyard “crows” are not crows; but ravens, a highly adaptive bird with superior intelligence and aggressive lifestyle. Their loud, harsh calls, shining black feathers and streamlined bodies distinguish them from the crow.

In my Cardiff neighborhood, they attacked and destroyed every songbird nest in the area, young hatchlings, doves, mocking birds; rosy finches and hummingbirds do not have a chance against these meat-eating ravens. The raven is a predator. Control is impossible in an urban setting.

Don Rich,



Syria strikes are a mistake

I believe that the international community must act on Syria, but unilateral, U.S. military strikes are not the answer. The president’s proposal for U.S. military action in Syria is a mistake because it will undermine the emerging international consensus against the use of chemical weapons in Syria and could potentially lead to retaliation and more deaths.

Let’s take a deeper look and realize that this is a humanitarian crisis. Climate change has driven Syrian farmers to towns and cities, causing competition for scarcer and scarcer resources; it created a desperate situation, which has been handled with violence and cruelty by the Assad regime. The USA, UN and the international community should coordinate and direct efforts to humanitarian aids to Syrian population, pursue charging Assad by the International Criminal Court of crimes against humanity, use all diplomatic tools to pressure Russia to drop its support of Syrian regime and address global climate change — immediate solutions as well as prevention of further humanitarian crisis.

The international community has effective political tools to address the use of chemical weapons and to work to stop the killing in Syria. The U.S. needs to engage with the Arab League, Russia, Iran, and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation to build a process that could lead to peace and effectively bring those using chemical weapons to justice.

I urge Congress and especially Mr. Darrell Issa to reject the president’s request to authorize the use of U.S. military to attack Syria.

Alessandra Colfi,