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Letters to the Editor

What the frack?

 It is as bad as it sounds. Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing and the latest questionable method of extracting oil and natural gas.

Toxic undisclosed chemicals mixed with large amounts of water get injected into wells under high pressure to increase oil and gas production.

This technique is spreading like wildfire from New York to Los Angeles (yes, it is going on there as you read) and in it’s wake poisoning wells and aquifers, our sources of drinking water.

Fracking leaves behind billions of gallons of toxic and partly radioactive wastewater daily!

People’s health is affected to a degree that many choose to leave their homes.

They cannot drink their water any longer (it actually can be lit on fire in some cases) and the fumes from the injection sites cause serious health problems, especially in children and the elderly.

Under President Bush and Vice President Cheney fracking was exempted from significant EPA regulations, the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act (!) to benefit Halliburton and other oil companies (known as the Halliburton Loophole).

So our water is being poisoned and there is no regulations or recourse.

And if you think you might benefit from lower gas prices, don’t be fooled. Numerous new LNG ports are being currently planned and build on both, the east and west coast. Why? To export our natural gas to China and Europe; they pay up to four times as much for it.

Last but not least fracking is proven to trigger earthquakes.

Should we here in California gamble with our drinking water, health and lives?

For more information watch “Gasland 2” by Josh Fox. (Don’t be fooled by the oil industry’s attempts to discredit this film.)

You can make your voice heard and object fracking on public lands at: or ask for a complete ban of this unsound practice in California:

Simone Schad-Siebert, HHP,



Wants less chemicals

Why does the Olivenhain Municipal Water Board treat the public disdainfully while dosing us with added illegal chemicals?

Is this part of a dysfunctional system — out of control lobbying in Sacra-Demento in the guise of protecting the health of children?

Please look into the First Five Commission, how it got started, how much tax money they have, how much those in control of our water supply are paid, and what they do with $7 million annually.

Is it blown on whoever comes up with the most clever lobbying campaign, claiming to advocate for the health of very young children?

Do you want the developing body of your young child treated with toxic waste?

How many times must we pay for drinking water?

Can we afford to allow the municipal water supply to deteriorate into a sewer?

I want less chemicals in my life! And, I’m tired of being misled by bureaucrats.

Please get informed at, and beware that your dentist may be on the wrong side of this.

Celia Kiewet,