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Letters to the Editor

Buyer’s remorse

 As much a people hate to be taxed (or swindled) there should be much “buyer’s remorse” regarding the Carlsbad Desalination Facility. Fifty million gallons a day is the projected output of the Carlsbad Desalination Facility. That amount of water is not much beyond the amount of water available for recycling, from the nearby Encinas Wastewater Authority Facility.

Add in 10 million gallons per day from Oceanside or Leucadia and the same 50 million gallons per day is achieved and most importantly, not dumped into the Pacific.

From the Orange County Purification Article, “Toilet-to-tap,” ( or whatever you want to call recycling, would save 2/3 the cost of the water from the Carlsbad Desalination Facility. And on top of that, the lower power draw, of recycling-over-desalination, would be icing on the cake.

A very valuable “gift horse was definitely looked at in the mouth,” and our local “omniscient water deciders” chose to walk away.

For this injustice, they don’t deserve our respect.


That’s the pinch I feel coming in 2016!

G. Lance Johannsen, retired civil engineer,