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Letters to the Editor

California, here we go
The Golden State has lost the appeal it once had that brought many folks into our great state. What once was the land of opportunity is now the state of depression, as California has been steadily losing residents since 2005. The flow of immigrants and aliens has slowed to a crawl.
What are the causes driving residents out of the state? First, the overall stagnant economy, high state income taxes (for those who pay taxes), home prices that remain high despite the massive amounts of foreclosures; a shortage of meaningful jobs and public and private labor unions that refuse to negotiate with management for less generous current pay and retirement benefits.
California, once a shining star of the United States, is now a tarnished, dull star covered with rust. One local citizen I know spent the time and money to obtain a college education. The person could not find a job to support his family. They moved to Idaho where he and his spouse found gainful employment the first week.
The state and local politicians entrenched in this state discourage business from moving into California by keeping corporate takes high. Many large companies have relocated to Texas, Idaho and other western states, as California is no longer competitive.
Good bye California, and hello Idaho!
Jim Lowery,