The Coast News Group

Letters to the Editor 1/6

If I need an ambulance
A serious issue will come to Oceanside citizens very soon.

The City Council majority of Feller, Kern and Felien will begin Jan. 4,  to deprive the Oceanside citizens or anyone suffering trauma in Oceanside of participating in this decision.

They will propose to substitute “for profit” Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) for our professionally trained paramedics.  EMT’s and paramedics do not have equal training and proficiencies nor can EMT’S give medications or interface with doctors, as do our paramedics.

Continued sharing of service calls with surrounding cities will cease due to the unequal training and abilities of personnel.

No one desires paramedic attention but if the need arises there is no good substitute for our professionally trained paramedics who currently serve residents.  Cost is the “axe” the voting majority will “grind.”

Concessions were offered by firemen for more than the dollar amount sought in cost reduction.   The voting majority would not give this any consideration.  WHY, one might ask, surely I do.

Citizens marking their choices of city representatives for the next several elections need to choose those who will best serve their needs.

CHOOSE CAREFULLY!  Your health may depend on it!

Joan Brubaker,