The Coast News Group

Letters: Dec. 18, 2009

Time to move on Encinitas City Council
There were quite a few of us at the City Council meeting where Teresa Barth was passed over as the next deputy mayor for the city of Encinitas. Although we were not surprised that the council majority did this, it is quite upsetting that they are using this as a way to speak ill of her. I think that once and for all we need to end the debate over Orpheus Park. There were quite a few mistakes made by city staff, and unfortunately once the trees were removed, they were removed forever. However, that is over and we hope in the future that staff has learned it is better to work with the community and include them in decisions that effect them.
We have all moved past this because we realize you have to do that to make city government work. This is one of Teresa’s strongest traits. I think all of Encinitas should remember that what makes a good city council person is someone who represents the community and not special interests. That when a council member asks questions and votes because they represent the community they should not be criticized. We will all move on from this and Teresa will continue to represent all of us in Encinitas as she has done so well in the past.
Rachelle Collier