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Letters: August 7, 2009

Don’t be duped by recall effort
The effort to recall Councilman Jerry Kern is a total scam and voters should vote no.
The recall is a scam for the following reasons. 1) The public safety union tried to hide their financial backing of the recall by siphoning the money through two unrelated groups.
2) The union-paid signature gatherers lied to citizens to get them to sign the recall. Lies ranged from saying that they were signing to support military housing, senior citizen housing and a recycling center in Oceanside (among other lies). They even told some people that Jerry is against veterans. (Hello, Jerry is a veteran.)
3) The union’s contract is to be negotiated before Jerry Kern’s term is up, so they need him off the council, since his is financially very savvy and will not give them the big pay raises they want.
4) The vast majority of the public safety unions don’t even live in the city of Oceanside. They why would they spend $46,000 for a recall in a city where they don’t live?
Voters, don’t let these unions bankrupt our city. Vote no to this scam.
Grace Michaels

We need to fight for public health care
Recently, I have been to three protests to demand a public option or health care for all citizens in this country. I delivered petitions with 375,000 signatures supporting the public option to Rep. Issa, and Senators Boxer and Feinstein. I have written letters to congressional leaders to include Kennedy, Kerry, Baucus, Boxer, Feinstein and Nelson, in support of health care reform. I cannot count how many e-mails I have sent to Congress and my e-mail list of friends and family, and yet I feel as though I have not done enough.
I want to scream to the people of this country to wake up! You are being lied to by big pharmaceutical and insurance companies, yet you sleep. They are spending billions to scare you and line the pockets of Congress, yet you sleep. The insurance companies, with their endless funds, are organizing far right groups to sabotage town hall meetings, yet you sleep. They have taken over your health and the health of your family with high costs and poor health care, and you sleep.
Yes, it’s hard to fight big corporations, they organize well. They are all over the TV, on the streets and in newspapers, but we cannot let them steal our basic right to health care. Show your congressional leaders that you voted for them to do the right thing not to take bribes from insurance companies and if they don’t pass a public option you will not vote for them. Get involved — you can do anything for three weeks and that’s about all the time we have left. Remember you are fighting a $2.1 trillion dollar industry or about $7,000 per American to the insurance companies. You can see why they will do anything to stop a public option and why we can’t let them win.
Madison Lang

Voter apathy partly to blame
Who is crazier — the Carlsbad City Council or we voters who may by our apathy allow our quality of life to further erode?
The pro-growth Carlsbad City Council with only two weeks (public) notice is poised to approve — on 83 acres at the corner of La Costa Avenue and Rancho Santa Fe Road — the construction of one of the largest, if not the largest, regional shopping centers ever built in San Diego County.
If we voters allow such degradation of our quality of life to continue we voters are clearly the craziest.
The council meets at City Hall at 7 p.m. Aug. 11.

Laura Glusha