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Letters: April 1, 2011

Letter to Carlsbad City Council
You are a real piece of work. What a disappointment to the people of Carlsbad that you and your City Manager, Lisa Hildabrand, want to use taxpayer money to build a facility for the YMCA. 
Let’s see, the buyers of Bressi Ranch are sold on purchasing homes in the city of Carlsbad with the promise that this community is going to build a park and a city-run pool facility, only to find out that the new mayor and his city manager have come up with an idea how to screw the residents and steal the park and pool and give it to the YMCA.  
Wow, the YMCA must be just licking their chops saying, “This is the greatest thing that these idiots are going to build us a brand new facility for free. It will be great. Not only do the Carlsbad taxpayers pay for it, but we can bring in kids from all over San Diego County.” 
As a real estate professional, I will make sure the community knows exactly how you and Ms. Hildabrand are fleecing the taxpayer. I hope they file lawsuits against the city and the YMCA. You are cheating the people that bought homes with a promise of a city run facility, along with the rest of the Carlsbad taxpayers. You are an example why people don’t trust government because they change the things that were promised on a whim.
This is not right what you are doing. They were sold on the fact that the park and pool would be done by now and run by the city of Carlsbad, not some YMCA Charity Group.
Patrick Knapp