The Coast News Group

Letter to the Editor 12-2-11

As I was perusing the Rancho Santa Fe News this evening while cooking, I came across your article on the Con artists and the very sad experience of Susan. It was very edifying and I feel that you have alerted the public to an ongoing scam that comes in many forms, whether here or traveling abroad. As a former professor/teacher, I have always advised people to “do their own research” and you did an excellent job of tracking down all of the parties to the crime, and clearing an innocent person. I realize that it is your job, but it was done very well and you should be commended (and recommended)!
I also will be passing this article to our son, who was admitted to the California Bar on Friday night at 6:02 PM. Very exciting! I feel that since his ambition is to be prosecutor and does currently work at the USD Law Clinic with great pride in helping those that can not help themselves, he will learn much from your article, as he does do his own research, but the lesson here is that all is not always what it seems to be. Obviously, this Susan had a great lawyer with integrity and I am very happy to read about the “refund” check, as that is quite the tribute to her lawyer and your investigative work. It is, and should be inspirational to a young attorney.
Congratulations on a very fine job where you changed the life of Susan. I am sure you will continue to do so, and you never know how much good you can do in the world just doing your job. I hope our son finds a full time law job in this awful economy, but it sure does inspire one to go beyond when one reads this article. And to think I was just going to toss this paper in the recycle!

Gina W. Jordan,
Rancho Santa Fe