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Letter: To combat climate change, we need carbon pricing legislation

The US Chamber of Commerce updated its Position on Climate Change last month, adding their support for a “market-based approach to accelerate greenhouse gas emissions reductions.”  

More than 3500 US economists from across the political spectrum have signed a statement saying a market-based approach, requiring fossil fuel companies to pay a fee that is proportional to the amount of carbon pollution the fuels will emit when burned, is the most cost-effective and economically efficient way to fight climate change.

Environmental organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, the leaders of the Environmental Defense Fund and the Nature Conservancy, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and San Diego are also calling for a carbon pollution fee.

The Biden administration is serious about climate change and will sign legislation passed by Congress.  I encourage Mike Levin, Darrell Issa, Juan Vargas, Scott Peters, and Sara Jacobs to support carbon pricing legislation in Congress.

Larry Peranich

San Diego



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