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Letter: Thank you, Oceanside

Dear Editor, 

Due to unforeseen circumstances and a major ‘screw-up” by a San Diego veterans facility, I recently became stranded in Oceanside for some three weeks or so, without any funds or contacts. 

During that period, I witnessed some of the most extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity from citizens of Oceanside.  

This is to thank each and every person, who so graciously gave me food, money, encouragement, laughter and even dancing down at the Oceanside pier stage. 

A very special thanks goes out to the congregation of St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Parish, who welcomed me with open arms as a fellow Catholic and showered me with love and encouragement. 

As a former Navy field corpsman stationed at Camp Pendleton more than four decades ago, the significant bond originally established with the Marines I served remains as strong as ever today. 

Forty-three years ago,  Oceanside was a desolate beach town, with little to choose from.  Since then, city leaders have done a remarkable job in developing Oceanside into a magnificently beautiful oceanfront city.  And what makes the city even more beautiful are its generous and patriotic citizens.  

These are memories I will not soon forget! Thank you, Oceanside.

Scott R. Hadley

Winnemucca, Nevada

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