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Letter: Leucadia needs to chill with development

We the residents that live in the corridor of Leucadia in the corridor of La Costa and Vulcan are very concerned about the over development of our corridor impacting our neighborhood. 

Why is it the mayor’s mother can protest a much-needed school rebuild and use a park as a road block, but yet our same mayor will allow large developments affecting the safety, environment and the coastal vibe of Encinitas at Leucadia?

We have the LARGE hotel, the new housing development at Vulcan and La Costa, the planned development of Surfer’s Point, and several other sites on the horizon, including the lot behind Roberto’s on Coast Highway 101, the huge development on La Costa by the Chevron Gas Station, and a couple of others all within a mile or two radius, adding thousands of cars driving in our corridor.

This is absurd! Chill Leucadia…NOT!



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Another local August 20, 2020 at 7:39 pm

Adding to the above comment – the simplest solutions not met! Sidewalks to the beach on Vulcan and la costa Ave to the beach. More development equals more people equals more need for pedestrian pathways to walk to our glorioua ocean.

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