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Letter: Let’s give credit where credit’s due

When our family moved to Encinitas more than four decades ago, it was a charming but rather dingy beach town.

Moonlight Beach was usually covered in rocks and seaweed; there were few family parks; and a night out was a burger at Boll Weevil.

Times have changed and our little town is now one of the jewels in San Diego’s crown, thanks to the vision of our progressive City Council.

Led by Mayor Catherine Blakespear and Council members Joy Lyndes, Tony Kranz, Kelly Shay Hinze and Joe Mosca, Encinitas has become a vibrant, welcoming destination where even the residents feel they are “on vacation.”

Moonlight Beach, and the new Marine Safety Center, are showplaces, along with our wonderful new community parks, outstanding Coastal Rail biking/walking trail (enjoyed by hundreds of families), expanding choice of restaurants, new pedestrian-safe rail crossings, excellent schools, and dedicated public safety teams in the sheriff and fire Departments.

Plus we are now a 100% renewable energy city, thanks to the City Council. Still to come are a new arts center and enhanced streetscape in Leucadia.

Sure, we have more traffic, but we also have the revenue-generating Home Depot and Target shopping centers.

And home prices are high, so more affordable housing needs to be a priority.

Maybe our kids will be able to live in the town they grew up in.

It’s time to give credit where it’s due: to our forward-thinking and hard-working City Council!

Nancy Hardwick



steve333 September 16, 2022 at 11:52 am

What a crock of you know what.
Blakespear and the pliable puppet City Council have done their best to destroy this town, while Blakespear continues to pocket developer money so they support her State Senate campaign.
Increased homelessness, crime, high density developments that the infrastructure can’t support and they aren’t even affordable!
This person has the gall to call them progressive, if they were Republican men doing this she would be the first to complain.
The Democratic Party of California is now The Developer Party of California.
Get rid of all of the current crop of traitors.

whatisawoman September 15, 2022 at 10:13 am

What a load of BS. Say the quiet part out loud: you stand to gain from Blakespear being elected, the people do not.

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