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Letter: Body counts continue — Stop it!

Feeling numb from the increasing “body count” in American’s War-on-Civility?

As a U.S. Army combat veteran, I am familiar with body counts. War taught me to learn, teach and practice “less bloody ways of resolving differences.”

This learning curve is mission critical.

Serving as a high school teacher, I integrated these skills into my state approved curriculum. Now retired, I  give this curriculum  to others who share this concern. This includes conflict resolution skills.

Ready to reduce the number of people choosing to use guns and other forms of abuse to “get their way”?


Learn, teach and practice less hurtful behavior skills which build bridges of understanding — not walls — between people.

Start with the person in the mirror and extend out to your family, friends, churches, schools and workplace.

Replace the excuses with action and choose to resolve differences without hurting others.

Paul Ruez