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Letter: A perfect storm has arrived in Leucadia

Dear Encinitas Mayor and City Council,

Well, here we are. Sixteen years after many of us began very actively advocating for a crossing and better mobility in northwest Leucadia, we have the perfect storm of fencing at the rail corridor, poor mobility on La Costa and Vulcan and increased growth in northwest Leucadia.

Really, what are we supposed to do? I guess I will be driving a lot more because I’m definitely not going to be walking all the way around every time I want to go to the beach, store or anywhere, frankly, on the other side of the tracks.

At my age and with the traffic on Vulcan, I’m also fairly frightened of riding my bike. So, in the car, I will drive around the tracks to search for parking.

I’m angry because we have been sounding the alarm for years and years and to many deaf ears on many councils.

In the meantime, millions and millions of dollars has been spent on the Pacific View School that is still just sitting there empty and vacant.

Have you thought about what a profit the city could make off of that property now and what could be funded instead?

Perhaps you should.

I really don’t know what our neighborhood will do if you begin the pedestrian crossing to nowhere in Cardiff before you begin one here.

There is not one single good reason that any of you can give me to justify something like this.

Band-Aids in northwest Leucadia will no longer work.

You have to find some significant funding to fix the major structural and mobility issues that we have!


Delores Loedel