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Lecture offers theories on UFOs, aliens

OCEANSIDE — Ed Burns shared the claims of historian and archeologist Zecharia Sitchin that UFOs exist during a lecture at the Civic Center Library  Jan. 21. The lecture explored the ideas of other life forms visiting Earth, impregnating women to better our species and living in the depths of our oceans.

Burns said Sitchin found sightings of UFOs and detailed information on our solar system recorded in Sumerian mythology.

“His points are based on examination of Sumerian records and confirmed by NASA’s probe of the solar system,” Burns said.

Speaker Ed Burns lectures on UFOs at the Civic Center Library Jan. 21. Photo by Promise Yee

He explained that Sitchin used Sumerian records to make an extensive map of our solar system. When technology caught up and allowed NASA to view the solar system in greater detail, Sitchin’s solar system map held up.

The more extensive picture of our solar system accounts for distant outer planets’ gravitational pull that likely caused the floods described in the Bible, according to Burns.

There have been other records of UFO sightings.

“UFOs have been observed all over the world,” Burns said.

He said there are sealed U.S. military records of the retrieval of fallen objects that fit the profile of UFOs such as wreckage from the Roswell, N.M. crash in 1947.

Shortly after the crash, there came a leap in the development of electronics. Burns said this advancement is due to engineers examining the advanced electronics found at the Roswell crash site.

“We don’t need government confirmation of what we have seen for centuries,” Burns said. “There is documentation of orbs on the walls of caves.”

While the ideas may seem far-fetched to some, science continues to prove many of the ideas are possible, Burns said. Quantum physics has already shown that time travel is a possibility, he added.

Burns also shared accounts that claim extraterrestrials live on Earth, specifically in the ocean.

“There is a lot of space and food in the ocean,” Burns said.

There are several theories on what the extraterrestrials intend for us. One theory is that they are are monitoring us and keeping us safe from negatively harming our part of the solar system and ourselves.

Another theory is that ETs are bettering the human species by impregnating women. Burns said he sees this theory as consistent with God’s plan of evolution.

“Very few things are just myths,” Burns said. “The star of Bethlehem was likely a flying saucer with a beam to impregnate Mary.”

There is also a darker theory that extraterrestrials have a shadowy side and may intend to use us for slaves.

Burns is a retired ordained minister of the United Methodist Church with a bachelor’s degree in history, a master’s degree in divinity and doctorate in religion.

His said he hopes the lecture will broaden people’s concept of God and enrich their appreciation of Jesus.

“We have the responsibility of making this a better world and a heavenly place on Earth,” Burns said.