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A new shade is a great way to add a punch of color. Courtesy photo
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Lamps don’t go out of style, shades do

Lampshade Gallery is a family-owned business in Del Mar with three generations in the lighting business. After making the move from Des Moines, Iowa, the family opened their first San Diego location in La Mesa in 1986, which operated until 2001. Lampshade Gallery opened a second location in Del Mar in 1990, where for 30-plus years it has offered an enviable selection of table and floor lamps, as well as pre-made and custom lampshades.  

Lampshade Gallery offers over 10,000 lampshades to ensure that each customer has a variety of options that best suit their home décor, personality and style. According to Kelly, who has been selling and making lampshades since she was 15, there are many factors to consider when choosing lighting to decorate your home. Factors such as style, shape, texture, size, general ambiance and color all contribute to your home’s look.

To make the most of your visit to the Lampshade Gallery, Kelly recommends bringing in your lamp so that you can make the right lampshade decision. “Nothing beats seeing it on the lamp so you can be sure you like it just as well with the light on as you do when it’s off,” Kelly says. “Bringing the lamp saves you time and allows you to explore all shade options.” Kelly’s own home is decorated with lamps that she’s refurbished that were passed down to her from her mother.

Another important note from Kelly? “Lamps do not go out of style, shades do!” In a world of fast fashion and high turnover, there is something to be said about treasuring family heirlooms and breathing new life into your items and space.

Aside from the large selection of lampshades, the gallery offers a unique collection of quality table and floor lamps at their showroom, at 2745 Via De La Valle. According to Kelly, the gallery has a “great selection of all kinds of lamps from jade to porcelain … transitional to custom one of a kind. Night lights to minis. Cordless LED and task.”

The focus of the Lampshade Gallery is personalized service and working with people’s “timeless treasures” to ensure that families can pass down their lamps from generation to generation, just as the Lampshade Gallery family has passed down their knowledge and experience.

For exceptional service and superior lighting, trust Lampshade Gallery. Call Kelly at 858-793-0701 or email [email protected].