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Emmy-award winning journalist Abbey Gibb, right, is launching her own online television network named Rancho Santa Fe resident and realtor Janet Lawless Christ also sponsors the show and allows it to be filmed at her home. Courtesy photo
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Janet Lawless Christ inspired by ‘Bossify’

RANCHO SANTA FE — Emmy-award winning journalist Abbey Gibb of San Diego’s Fox 5 News prepares to launch her own online television network named One of her upcoming shows, ““Bossify”,” inspired Rancho Santa Fe resident Janet Lawless Christ so much that she decided in addition to sponsoring the show it could also be filmed at her home.

While the online network embraces a mindful approach to daily living, “Bossify” extends this concept by interviewing successful women who encourage and motivate.

According to Gibb, the founder, April 5 is the full incarnation date of her network launch with her other shows also including Tired Girl Recipes.

“I’ve always had a calling in my life to help others,” Gibb said. “Since I was about 10, I knew somehow that I was meant to be a global teacher of some kind.”

The vision Gibb created for in her life morphed into a network that would dedicate hours to educate and inspire others through the collaboration of exceptional people.

“We educate in order to inspire and then we empower you to do the same,” Gibb said.

It was Gibb’s heartfelt enthusiasm that netted the attention of Lawless Christ.

“I think Abbey’s skills are fascinating and amazing in that if you look at Abbey, you don’t think about how connected she is with the world. You see a glamorous, blonde, blue-eyed bombshell, and for better or for worse, you make an impression,” Lawless Christ said. “Then you learn that she was a war correspondent and how she has this vision which I think is way overdue of empowering women of all sectors, shapes, sizes, socioeconomics situations, and educational levels. It’s about empowering them to be their best.”

Lawless Christ, who is also a real estate agent affiliated with the Rancho Santa Fe office of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, is one of the 15 women interviewed on “Bossify”. She described it as a very moving experience because to be authentic is an emotional situation.

“It’s just so easy to smile and say what you know is the right thing to say rather than really answer a question authentically,” she said. “And to have the cameras rolling while that’s happening and to know that you’re not going to be the one to edit this — somebody else is going to edit it, and it’s going to be there forever.”

Lawless Christ admits viewers may be surprised. And that’s fine because everyone has a story to tell.

“One person’s freedom is another person’s launching pad,” she said.

Lawless Christ shared how “Bossify” is relatable to everyone. She doesn’t believe it’s just for women because the show focuses on optimism, empowerment, determination and the camaraderie of people.

For Lawless Christ, it’s a blend of cooperation, hope and collaboration. It’s about stopping the silly rhetoric on who’s the boss because someone’s physically or financially stronger.

“It’s more of an age of enlightenment. I think “Bossify” in its small way will be that little candle that just starts the flame,” Lawless Christ said.

According to Lawless Christ, Gibb’s communication skills are exemplary. She also inspired Lawless Christ with her authenticity.

“I think that a lot of people hide in their own cocoon,” Lawless Christ said. “Abbey doesn’t hide. She shines brightly.”

Gibb describes “Bossify” as a new kind of interview show that people have never seen before. Rather than just interviewing female leaders about their success, they actually investigate together the definition of success itself. For Gibb, there is no set marker on what success looks like. And over time, the definition of success can evolve.

Guests on “Bossify” are asked the same five questions, Gibb said.

“It’s interesting because you have sort of that rubric. You know what’s coming and yet you don’t know what’s coming,” Gibb said.

The motto for “Bossify” is bold, brilliant and brave.

“So boldly and brilliantly go there; and, bravely be yourself,” Gibb said.

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