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Inn recognized at Association meeting

RANCHO SANTA FE — In keeping with the new tradition of recognizing local businesses at meetings of the Rancho Santa Fe Association, Kerman Beriker, marketing director from the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, was invited to speak at the Sept. 1 meeting.
“The Inn is such an integral part of our history,” said Dick Doughty, vice president of the board. “It is more than just another business, it is the mother of all businesses in our community.”
Pete Smith, manager of the Association, said Beriker has been working behind the scenes within the community for a long time. He said because of Beriker, the Inn management has had a policy of giving back to the community.
“They say ‘how can we help?’ ‘How can we make this happen,’” Smith said. “They host the Rotary Club. It’s not a moneymaker. It’s a labor of love. They also host the First Responder Dinner.”
Beriker came to the Inn in 2004 after more than 30 years in the hotel business. His last post before Rancho Santa Fe was at the historic Beverly Hills Hotel. In 1996 the Los Angeles Business Journal named him as one of the Top 10 business people in the hotel and tourism business. In 1997, Leaders Magazine named him among the Top 10 hoteliers in the world.
At the Beverly Hills Hotel he maintained the gracious charm of years past when presidents and movie stars passed through its doors. He has done the same for the Inn.
“When I first came here I didn’t know much about this Rancho Santa Fe,” he said.
But it didn’t take long for him to realize the two cities had the same type of people, he said. He learned that they are among the most educated in the country and that the school ranks high in excellence.
Also similar is that the Beverly Hills Hotel is historic and that the city built up around it, the same as in Rancho Santa Fe.
The Inn remains the nucleus of the village. Originally named the La Morada Guesthouse it was originally built to put up prospective investors. Over the years, it evolved into a hotel.
Since arriving, Beriker has graciously opened the Inn’s doors to clubs, groups and organizations for fundraisers. Others find it a perfect spot to hold special events like weddings and other gatherings that require a beautiful, serene setting.
“This community is so civilized and tranquil. I tell our guests that driving five miles from the highway is like coming to a different country,” Beriker said.
As for being part of the community, we are always here to help, Beriker said.