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I’ll never love an early alarm

Since I can’t and actually don’t want to stop working, it appears I may have to stop taking vacations. I’m enjoying them far too much.Somehow, sometime when I wasn’t paying attention, my time off stopped making me refreshed and ready to get back to it. Instead I’m getting way too comfortable with a life of leisure.

I enjoy my work, more than most, I suspect. Besides, it’s not like I am breaking up rocks with a sledgehammer in the noonday sun for a living. But it became very clear to me this past spring break that work is rather getting in the way of things I have come to value. Do you ever notice that during a normal workweek, it’s darned difficult to squeeze in a trip to the local spa? When exactly is a girl supposed to get her massage?

Work tends to get in the way of fine dining and spontaneous happy hours, as well, and definitely cramps my ability to change time zones. I might be able to live with that if work didn’t require my rising with the sun. It is stunning how quickly a person can get used to no morning alarm.

The symptoms are clear. By the end of spring break, I had found my preferred lifestyle; the way water finds its own level. I found myself humming the chorus to “Margaritaville” and planning my activities around my afternoon nap. My stove remained untouched for days and my refrigerator started to fill up with leftovers from my favorite restaurants. I sort of forgot to do my sit ups every morning.

I stopped setting my alarm and got very cranky about anything that required me to reset it. I suddenly ran out of jeans to wear and noticed I need a pedicure.

The only thing to do was gird my loins with some pantyhose, slap on those closed-toed shoes and button up some clothes that fit well but bind. I will never love a morning alarm clock but if I get back to my sit-ups, I might be able to look in a mirror again in just four to six weeks — just in time for summer vacation. Sweet.

Jean Gillette is a Jean Gillette is a freelance writer loving la dolce vita. Contact her at [email protected]