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How to execute your dream project

Do you need to maximize your space? Here’s how to execute a perfect project.

The COVID pandemic has millions of us stuck at home. As a result, our homes need to function in so many more ways than they ever have before and space is truly at a premium. Whether you need to add more space or repurpose an existing area, here are four key things to consider in order to make your project a success.

1. Define your specific needs

Do you have space that is going unused? Is there space that is no longer serving a useful purpose? Or do you simply need more space? The best place to start is by writing down the functional needs you have for the space (the design comes later). Maybe it is a quiet home office or a separate living space for extended family or a dedicated learning area for kids. And don’t forget your yard. With our amazing Southern California climate, outdoor space can be designed to serve many functions as well.

2. Engage the right team early

When it comes to significant remodel or new building project, most people aren’t sure where to start. From design to permits to budget to construction, a well-executed project takes many talented people across several important disciplines. Make sure to engage the right team as soon as possible. A good contractor can help you understand a realistic budget for the scope of your project before you have spent a lot of money on a design or permit. They can also help you select the right architects, engineers and/or designers to match the project size and complexity that you have in mind.   

3. Determine the best financing options

Once you’ve defined your scope and have engaged the right contractor to provide a preliminary budget, you’ll need to determine the best way to finance your project. Even if you have the cash to pay for the project, given today’s record low interest rates, you may want to consider financing. There are many financing options available today, including cash-out refinancing, construction financing, home equity lines of credit, or private financing. Whichever option you choose; you will want to be sure that your contractor is or can be approved by your lender. That means your contractor must be licensed and insured, and must have strong financial health. An experienced contractor can recommend a lender who is familiar with the construction process and is already approved by many banks.

4. Be realistic about timing

Unlike what you see on TV where you can fast forward through much of the work, the reality is that great projects take time. The best way to maximize efficiency is to decide early. In other words, finalize your design, select all of your finishes, colors, and materials before your start construction. Building an airplane while your flying it is never a good idea and will lead to time delays and cost overruns. In addition, the pandemic has disrupted the supply chain for many materials so they take longer to procure if they are available at all. The right contractor combined with the architects and designers can help you select the materials you want while helping you navigate cost and availability issues. 

So, while you may be dreaming of the perfect space, the process to get there can be difficult and confusing. However, by taking the right approach, with the right team in place your project can be a wonderful experience. At Cross Construction, we have been helping homeowners successfully complete their dream projects for over 25 years.

Cross Construction specializes in custom homes, extensive remodels, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and landscapes. With our deep relationships with designers, architects, engineers, suppliers and lenders, we can help assemble the right team to make your project a success.

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