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Dr. Evan Miller brings to light an issue that so many men face and offers a simple solution. Courtesy photo
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How knowing your testosterone levels can change your life

 “I have a good job and a great family. On the surface everything is fine. So why do I feel like I am ghost-walking through life?” It’s a common story, one Dr. Evan Miller knows all too well. The idea for Gameday Men’s Health was born out of Miller’s desire to bring to light an issue that so many men face as well as to offer a simple solution.

Miller, a health care entrepreneur, had been looking for a career change. He had spent the last five years building Akua Behavioral Health, an addiction treatment facility in Orange County. The facility grew massively over the years and Miller and his staff were able to successfully treat many patients. But he was starting to burn out. “I just didn’t have the same passion,” he said. “People don’t tend to get sober between 9 and 5. I was feeling burnt out, like I was just putting out fires.”

“I needed to find a new way to help as many people as I could,” he added. “And it always came back to helping men.”

At his wife’s insistence, Miller took six months off and the newlyweds moved to Oahu for about a year. He took his time to reflect on his next move. He was searching for a way he could have a great impact and help men. “I wanted to find something simple, that was quick and easy and had a great impact on men’s lives,” he said. “Testosterone replacement just kept coming up.”

In both his personal and professional life, Miller had been encountering men often in their mid-30s to early 40s, who seemed unengaged in their lives and seemed to just accept it. “So many men would say, ‘I feel like the light switch was turned off,’” he said. “And when I learned that one in three men over 40 have low testosterone levels, I knew how I could help.”

Gameday Men’s Health offers simple testing of testosterone levels and uses a medically supervised approach to get men back in the optimal range. “We make testosterone health the central feature of overall health and goals,” Miller said. “We do the testing and if someone comes back with low levels we come up with treatment plan to get them where they need to be. And it’s like the light switch gets turned back on — it’s that simple.”

What Miller has created is a man cave of sorts, a facility with a vibe and energy designed to make men feel comfortable. “These are issues nobody it talking about and they affect 30 percent of men,” he said. “I wanted to have a place where men could come, without shame and without their heads down and get help. We want to educate them and alleviate their symptoms and get back to loving their lives.”

Miller wants men to know that low testosterone levels don’t make them less of a man. He says society offers too little guidance to men and they often feel forced to accept their fate that their life just isn’t what it used to be.

“What we can do is help them get their energy back, and get them more engaged in their lives again with simple testosterone replacement therapy,” he said. “It’s amazing the difference it can make in their lives. We can help them get their sex drive back on track, their energy levels up. They sleep better. All around they see drastic improvement in their lives.

Recognizing that time is one major roadblock to men taking the time to practice self-care, Gameday Men’s Health offers a quick consultation and a treatment plan that doesn’t involve spending hours at a doctor’s office. “Once we have your treatment plan in place, it’s easy to maintain,” Miller said. “You can even have your prescription mailed to you each month. It’s that easy.”

To schedule a FREE consultation to find out about your testosterone levels and to learn more about hormone replacement therapy, visit or call (858) 252-9202. They are located at 2753 Jefferson St, Suite 204 in Carlsbad.