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Horse performs at Osuna Open House

RANCHO SANTA FE — Panadero XLV1, a horse that knows how to please a crowd, did just that at the recent Osuna Adobe Open House. As part of the Rancho Days celebration, the Association held an Open House on Oct. 17.
Panadero, a celebrated stallion that has entertained crowds with his performance skills and intelligence, was the center of attention as he jumped barrels, rolled barrels, dropped to the ground and even rolled over, all under the gentle guidance of his trainer, Shelly Martin. “My approach with Panadero is honest and open communication. I take my cues from him,” said Martin, giving Panadero one of many deserved carrots for his performance.
The horse was just one of the draws at the Osuna Open House. Association Manager Pete Smith also gave guided tours throughout the Ranch, giving the visitors information about the renovation of the Osuna Adobe, which will be brought back to the state it was in 1860. Several of the features that were incorporated in the design that Lilian Rice did in the 1934 renovation will remain, such as door and window frames, but other features, such as the kitchen and roof will be removed or replaced back to its original state in 1860. It is all part of the Osuna Master Plan that is currently being developed by the Osuna Committee.
The Association holds an Open House at the Osuna twice a year: once in the spring and again during Rancho Days. It’s a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to visit the home of San Diego’s first Mayor, Juan Maria Osuna.