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High school will soon have a high-tech woodshop

OCEANSIDE — Two new technical education buildings at Oceanside High School have been 11 years coming for construction trade teacher Keith Methven, who has relocated his woodshop program to its second temporary building since school modernization began in 2000. Now the wait is less than six months away.
“The kids who are sticking around are really going to appreciate the new building,” Methven said.
The new woodshop and health academy buildings are funded by 2008 Proposition H funds and state grants.
Since June there have been 10 to 15 workers a day, from 20 different trades, on site to complete the buildings. Currently, floors and framing are up and electricians and drywallers are at work.
Teachers will be able to move into two new technical education buildings in June and students will use the facilities in fall.
The new woodshop and health academy buildings are each more than 4,000 square feet. The woodshop building will house a 1,969-square-foot machine shop, storage rooms and a teacher’s office.
One of the most impressive features of the new facility is a massive dust collection system that will keep air quality high with numerous ducts circulating in clean air. “They’ll come down in front of the tables to suck all the sawdust right off,” Michael Santino, project inspector, said.
The current woodshop classroom is housed in a metal-framed building with no heating, no air conditioning and no windows.
The temporary building is too small for all the woodworking equipment to be used, so some equipment has been kept in storage. The new building will allow space to spread out and leave the photovoltaic system set up to teach LEED “green building” lessons.
About 500 students a year participate in the construction trade program that prepares students for entry-level positions in building. “Some students are going into the construction trade, some are getting a taste,” Bob Mueller, assistant principal, said. “Kids who never thought about building discover they have an ability. It’s amazing to see that.”