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Joe Henrichs pulls his ball out from the Par-3 17th hole at Journey at Pechanga in Temecula after shooting a hole-in-one. Courtesy photo

Golfer finds ace in the hole

REGION — It’s every golfer’s dream to hit their first shot from the tee box and drain it into the cup. A hole in one! Tiger Woods was 6 years old and Michelle Wie was 12 when they experienced their first ace.

The odds of hitting a hole in one are one in 40,000.

Great golf happens right here in our region. A short drive to Temecula, Journey at Pechanga is ranked the 26th best course in California; a scenic and challenging course spread out over foothills and valleys.

It was a perfect August day when four friends met for a relaxing round filled with cheeky banter and high fives. We are nearing the end of the game and arrive at the 17th hole to play a 168-yard Par 3.

The winds had picked up and Joe Henrichs stands at the box deciding which club to use. He’s the first to tee off.   We watch with a hush as we listen to the sound of the ball hitting the sweet spot of his iron. A perfect swing.

A perfect shot. It lands on the green close to the pin, and this beauty rolls into the hole. We look at Joe. We look at each other. Instantly the roar of jubilation echoes through the hills. A hole in one! Loud cheers. Elation. What a moment. We rode that celebratory wave finishing the 18th and right back to the clubhouse. With liquid barley aflowin’, we relive the moment a few times over! Nicely done, Joe!

The pro shop took down his personal information to engrave his name on a plaque and mount it in the display case, alongside the other one in 40,000 hole-in-one golfers being honored.

Local golfers play great golf right here.

And now, it’s your turn.