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"A Gangster’s Fairytale"
Chris Ahrens's newest book, "A Gangster’s Fairytale"

‘Gangster’s Fairytale’

Hometown writer and columnist, Chris Ahrens‘ newest book, “A Gangster’s Fairytale” chronicles a gangster’s journey through heaven and hell. Can he be forgiven?

After Los Angeles gangster Sonny Cruz and his son Johnny are fatally wounded by a rival, Sonny is ushered through heaven and hell by a mysterious spirit called Aurania. While Sonny’s objective is to find and kill the man who shot him and his son, his purpose, as revealed by Aurania, is to forgive the murderer. Forgiveness is a key to the gate of the eternal paradise of AlphaPhoenicia.

“AlphaPhoenicia, A Gangster’s Fairytale” is currently available as an eBook through Amazon and Print books will be available for order by April 5, 2023.

If you would like more information about this topic, contact Chris Ahrens at (760) 730-2041, or email [email protected].

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