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Primal Balance Nutrition delivers meals throughout North County. Courtesy photo
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Fix your diet and feel better with Primal Balance Nutrition

Primal Balance Nutrition helps people eat right and feel better by delivering healthy, sustainably made organic meals right to their doors.

Before starting Primal Balance Nutrition in 2019, Owner Alec Thompson worked as a private chef helping people work through dietary issues related to the food they were eating. Thompson had successfully worked through his own dietary struggles years before and found that the knowledge he gained could help others too.

“I started to notice people would feel better when eating my food,” Thompson said.

All of Primal Balance’s meals meet USDA organic, non-GMO, nut-free, gluten-free and dairy-free standards. Thompson focuses on using prebiotic foods to improve his clients’ gut health by avoiding using inflammatory oils, offering a wide variety of whole foods, and ensuring his meals are packed with the necessary nutrients his clients need to maintain optimal wellness.

Thompson also operates his business through sustainable means. He avoids using plastic and instead uses recyclable cardboard boxes to package his meals.

All his produce is organic, which avoids using herbicides and pesticides, and is acquired as locally as possible. Thompson plans to continue increasing his local sources over the next few months.

“Our goal is to nourish San Diego, and by doing so we want to make sure we’re putting money back into the pockets of our local organic farmers,” Thompson said.

Clients have the option of choosing between 6-meal, 12-meal or 18-meal per week plans with his high-quality food starting as low as $400 per month with no delivery fee.

He provides clients with a rotating menu on the website and all meal plans are chef’s choice. Clients can choose their protein source and plant-based options are available.

Based in San Marcos, Primal Balance Nutrition delivers meals throughout North County and as far south as downtown San Diego, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.

Feel better by visiting and find the right meal plan for you.