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Find a furry friend

ENCINITAS — Get nine lives for only $10 this month. June is “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month”  through June 30. The Rancho Coastal Humane Society is dropping the adoption fee for every cat and kitten in the cattery to only $10.

RCHS Cattery Coordinator Jaime Johnson said, “While our cats need forever homes, even with the lower adoption fee, people still need to consider the commitment they’re making when they get a cat.”

—        While cats can be fairly low-maintenance, they need more than a dish of dry food and a box of clean litter. There will be annual checkups, vaccinations and basic daily care.

—        You’re making a lifelong commitment … and a cat can live 20 years. This is not a toy that you can toss out if your children get tired of it.

—        Does a cat fit your lifestyle? It doesn’t need walks or trips to the park, but it does require “quality time” with its people.

—        Consider how your children and other pets will interact with a new cat in the house. Your bird or pet mouse probably feels different about a cat than you do.

—        Is it OK with your landlord or HOA for you to have a pet? No matter where you live in San Diego, there are coyotes, so you’ll need to keep your cat indoors where it’s safe.

—        What kind of coat or purr-sonality do you pre-fur? Short-haired or long-haired? Independent or needy? Vocal or shy? Playful kitten or reserved senior?

For information about cats that need homes log on to, call (760) 753-6413, or visit RCHS at 389 Requeza St.