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Financial guru Chamberlin speaks to Oceanside chamber

OCEANSIDE — Financial guru and radio host George Chamberlin shared forecasts and investment strategies with Oceanside Chamber of Commerce members over lunch at the El Camino Country Club on Feb. 1.

The question that came up most at the speaking engagement was whether the current upswing is too good to be true.

Chamberlin said despite the recent market correction, he sees continued expansion that has been building since 2009.

“It was an opportunity to look at this year that’s off at a very fast start locally and nationally,” Chamberlin said. “It should propel things into the next few years. In the local economy the unemployment rate is low, new companies have formed, it’s just a great time.”

Scott Ashton, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce CEO, said Chamberlin discussed the economy, county low unemployment rate, the stock market climb and increased home ownership with engaging personal accounts and humor.

Ashton said no specific investments or get rich quick schemes were advised, instead Chamberlin recommended listeners take a common sense approach, invest in solid American companies they are familiar with, and hold on to them.

“Overall he was very optimistic about the state our economy,” Ashton said.

A topic of interest to attendees was that climbing housing prices have not slowed a recent increase in home ownership, which is at its highest since 2004.

“People still have that American dream to buy a home, although millennials (those age 21 to 37) are buying homes later than their parents did,” Ashton said.

Chamberlin is a financial journalist and former vice president of two major Wall Street firms. He uniquely shares advice as a reputable ally, and not for personal business gain. His objective perspective on financial issues keeps him in demand as speaker.

“I’m not a stockbroker or financial planner,” Chamberlin said. “I just give my personal opinion.”

His current day job is money editor for KOGO/AM 600. He delivers financial reports on weekdays and hosts a personal finance call in show on Sundays. Chamberlin said his work marries his love of radio and financial expertise and makes it an ideal job.

Chamberlin knows a lot about long-term efforts to reach a positive end goal. In addition to his business experience he has conquered personal challenges. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in 2016, which he beat.

Unfortunately the cancer is back. He began intensive chemo treatments Feb. 5 and said he has dug in to beat cancer again.

“I never felt sorry for myself, it’s part of who I am,” Chamberlin said. “It’s almost exciting to take it on and fight it again.” 

Chamberlin credits his supportive family and team of doctors and nurses for easing the challenge ahead.

“The second time for me will be totally different, I don’t know if it will be worse or better,” Chamberlin said.

For now, he has no plans of slowing down, despite the toll five consecutive days of chemotherapy a month will take on his immune system and overall health. He said he will take time off if necessary, but plans to continue working through his treatments and recovery.

His words of advice, which ring true for finances and life, are take responsibility for debt, invest small amounts as soon as you can, have fun, live well and make smart decisions.