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The doctors at Carlsbad’s MedCare Specialty Clinics from left: Dr. Carl Nobak, Dr. Bob Uslander, Dr. Monika Gupta, Dr. Remjit Sundharadas and Dr. Neil Halim.
The doctors at Carlsbad’s MedCare Specialty Clinics from left: Dr. Carl Nobak, Dr. Bob Uslander, Dr. Monika Gupta, Dr. Remjit Sundharadas and Dr. Neil Halim.
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Feeling pains in your knees or feet? MedCare Specialty Clinics can help

Burning sensations, aches and pains, cramping or tingling sensations — sometimes we chalk these various ailments up to getting older or just what comes from maintaining an active lifestyle. 

But sometimes these sensations can signal something more.

Often these painful sensations are the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, a condition of nerve damage that specifically targets the area known as the peripheral nervous system.

At Carlsbad’s MedCare Specialty Clinics, their goal is to mark a return to freedom from these painful ailments that make life so uncomfortable for its patients.

By going through a thorough diagnostic and therapeutic process, they want to get patients to improve from where they are, explained Dr. Neil Halim.

Dr. Halim is a board certified physician who has been practicing medicine for more than 15 years.

MedCare Specialty Clinic is a disease-driven program, meaning they care intensely for curing these specific problems.

Patients that Dr. Halim sees on a daily basis have some form of peripheral neuropathy or osteoarthritis, which affects approximately 25 million people.

Their comprehensive programs are aimed at treating some of the most diseases that affect not only seniors but weekend warriors to athletes.

“What is so gratifying at MedCare Specialty Clinics is having the ability to do so much more than just medicate the pain,” Dr. Halim said. “Here, we have developed an entire program of care that involves both medical procedures and physical therapy regimens that are proving to be highly effective for our patients.”

In most cases the comprehensive physical therapy program takes six to eight weeks.

“We’re not orthopedic surgeons,” said MedCare COO Richard Manchester. “We are doing non-surgical approaches. There are times at the end of the day where surgical intervention is going to be required. But more times than not, we can repair mild to moderate ligament issues with what we’re doing,” he added.

Manchester explained that for some of their elderly patients, the prospect of total knee replacement, and going under anesthesia for an extended period of time can be a scary experience.

But by combining the components of treatments available, from physical therapy to injections into the knee done under imaging to ensure it reaches the exact right spot, to a method called Bionicare, which stimulates the knee and helps reduce pain and rebuild cartilage, MedCare Specialty Clinics can stave off any knee replacement options for at least four years.

MedCare Specialty Clinics is at 1281 Carlsbad Village Dr.

To schedule a free assessment or make an appointment, call (760) 585-7720 or visit them online at

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